Our shared nature faces many serious threats.

A donation to NCC will help ensure that Canada’s natural spaces, and the species they sustain, are protected. For today, for tomorrow and for generations to come. 

Since 1962, we've helped conserve 2.8 million acres ( more than1.1 million hectares) of ecologically significant land across the country.

This year we did a lot of great conservation work, and we have the numbers
to prove it.

  • Protected 21,105 acres (8,451 hectares) over the course of the year.
  • Hosted 253 Conservation Volunteers events, attracting 2,650 participants.
  • Protected habitat for over 75 of Canada's most endangered species. 
  • Hosted close to 70 research projects on our conservation lands.

What is NCC doing to help species at risk?

We have helped protect habitat for 201 species at risk. Species like:

  • Wood turtle (Ryan M Bolton)

    Wood turtle

    This semi-aquatic turtle is often collected from the wild and sold in the pet trade. In Ontario, NCC is protecting habitat for wood turtles and minimizing disturbances that could kill adults or destroy nests.

    Because of the illegal pet trade, NCC does not communicate the location of wood turtle populations it is protecting or managing.

  • Grizzly-cub-by-Darren-Colello

    Grizzly (Darren Colello)


    NCC’s Frog Bear Conservation Corridor, at the south end of Kootenay Lake in Creston Valley, BC, allows grizzly bears to maintain genetic diversity between the Selkirk and Purcell mountains. This valley lies on the edge of NCC’s Darkwoods Conservation Area, an important part of the bears’ home range. The Frog Bear Conservation Corridor creates a zone of safe passage for bears and other wide-ranging animals.

  • Burrowing-owl-Photo-by-Chris-Lorenz

    Burrowing owl (Chris Lorenz)

    Burrowing owl

    NCC's work in conserving key nesting habitat in the Missouri Coteau and in Alberta's Sage Creek Uplands is ensuring that this owl has a fighting chance at survival.

    In the summer of 2011, burrowing owls were also confirmed to have returned to NCC's Old Man on His Back Natural Area, signalling the health of this ecosystem.

Since 2010 NCC has been rated Canada's top environmental charity in MoneySense Magazine’s annual Charity 100 review. NCC has also been ranked as Canada's top environmental charity by the Financial Post for two years running.

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*Fiscal Year 2012-2013 to Fiscal Year 2016-2017

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