Protecting the Frontenac Arch

The Frontenac Arch – over 423,000 acres (171,000 hectares) of forests, wetlands and lakes, which are home to thousands of species.

Connecting the northern forests of Algonquin with the Adirondacks in New York State, the Frontenac Arch forms over 423,000 acres of critical habitat linkage between the northern hardwood and mixed forests of Ontario and the Appalachian Mountain chain of eastern North America. This narrow bridge is in the most important forest corridor east of the Rocky Mountains.

Home to many at-risk and globally rare species, the Arch serves as a funnel for migrating birds, bats and insects, and animals with large home ranges such as the fisher, black bear, moose and eastern wolf.

Current opportunities

NCC currently owns and manages over 5,560 acres (2,250 hectares) and has assisted with an additional 7,376 acres (2,985 hectares) of protected habitat.

Now we have the immediate opportunity to protect five properties totaling over 2,470 acres (1,000 hectares) on the Arch. Each property represents a priority place with key habitats and rich populations of declining species.

Donate today to help NCC protect these key habitats in the Frontenac Arch!

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