Help Protect the Eastern Lake Ontario Coast

A priority for Conservation
NCC is actively working to help conserve priority lands in and around the Lake Ontario coast, stretching from Brighton and Presqu’ile Provincial Park to just west of Gananoque, and south to include Prince Edward County and associated coastal islands.
This scenic and historic landscape contains a rich mosaic of coastal wetlands, forests, streams, sand beaches and dunes, islands and alvars. It includes world-class coastline and provides critical habitat for grassland and migratory birds. The area is home to a multitude of plant and animal species, many of which are provincially, nationally and globally rare.

Current Priority – Ostrander Point
Located at Ostrander Point, on the south coast of Prince Edward County, lies 135 acres (55 hectares) of wild, undeveloped shoreline, coastal wetland, forest, alvar and grassland. The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has signed an agreement to purchase this stellar property, and we need your help to protect it for the long term. NCC must raise $1.2 million by fall 2019 to protect this link of the local conservation chain and to further invest in habitat stewardship in the Ostrander Point area.

Current Priority – Staley Point
Located on the extreme northwestern corner of Wolfe Island, the Staley Point property is 100 acres of grassland, wetlands, forest, beach and bluff. The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has the opportunity to purchase this special place as a nature reserve to protect grassland birds like the Bobolink and wetland species including waterfowl. NCC must raise $1.15 million by December to protect this key part of Lake Ontario’s natural heritage.

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