Help protect the Essex Forests and Wetlands Natural Area

A special part of Essex County
In the southwest corner of Ontario lies a rich collection of forests, wetlands, prairies and Lake Erie shoreline. Part of Carolinian Canada — a region that supports over 2,200 plant species, including 70 types of trees and over half of Canada’s bird species – less than 4% of this area is protected for conservation.

Current Priority – Marianne Girling Nature Reserve
102 acres of rare wetlands, woods and meadows, this Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) conservation project is situated within the headwaters of Cedar Creek, includes a portion of a Provincially Significant Wetland and is home to species at risk such as barn swallow, eastern foxsnake, monarch, short-eared owl and yellow-breasted chat.

In order to protect this property forever, NCC needs to act fast. We must raise $305,000 by spring of 2019 to complete the fundraising to buy this special place.

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