You can help protect shorebirds and their habitat.

A magnificent stage for one of nature’s great performances, massive flocks of shorebirds migrate through the Bay of Fundy from the Canadian Arctic. Every summer, the New Brunswick mudflats and beaches serve as a critical stopover for flocks numbering up to a quarter of a million individual birds.

Every year, Johnson's Mills is host to sandpipers on their way to South America. As such, it is of the utmost importance to preserve the land for years to come to ensure sandpipers always have a safe place to rest on their journey. Your gift to the Migration Campaign can help to advance conservation efforts for shorebirds in New Brunswick.

All or a portion of your gift may be committed to NCC’s provincial endowment fund. Revenue generated by the fund provides for the long-term care and management of our nature reserves. In the event that this project is fully funded, your gift may be directed to the next urgent priority in the New Brunswick. Thank you.

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